Doctor Yuriy Gaborets shared tips on how to cure snoring and improve sleep. This issue not only disrupts rest but also puts a strain on the heart. That's why ignoring snoring is not advisable, states Gaborets in a new video posted on TikTok.

Getting rid of snoring once and for all - 8 steps

"If there's apnea, it needs immediate treatment," noted the doctor, outlining the essential stages of combating snoring.

The first step is to eliminate anything that can trigger snoring. The doctor advises abstaining from alcohol, sleeping pills, and sedatives. Additionally, avoid heavy and late dinners. If there's excess weight, losing it is necessary, emphasized Gaborets.

The second step is to give the lungs exercise. According to the doctor, singing before bedtime can be helpful. If you live in a private house, he suggests playing wind instruments.

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The third step is gargling. To avoid snoring, you can gargle your throat with oak bark decoction.

The fourth step is to change the pillow. The doctor suggests choosing an orthopedic pillow to "support the head properly."

The fifth step is monitoring snoring. You can install special mobile applications that analyze your breathing during sleep. When you start snoring, the phone will begin to "emit high-pitched sounds," explained Gaborets.

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The sixth step is to consult doctors. It is worth consulting an otolaryngologist; they can help determine if you have nasal polyps or a deviated septum. An endocrinologist can identify if you have hypothyroidism (issues with the thyroid gland and hormones).

The seventh step is to purchase special sleep accessories. The doctor explained that a mask that assists with breathing at night can help combat snoring.

The eighth step is to consider surgery. Consult with specialists. Perhaps "uvulopalatopharyngoplasty," a surgical procedure using a laser, might help.

"Treating snoring is essential for both yourself and your family, so they can also get proper rest. Snoring should not strain your heart at night," emphasized Gaborets.

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