If you’re looking into timeless and durable cladding options for building or upgrading a cottage, there’s a strong chance wood siding is already at the top of your list. Put simply, no other siding material can match its natural beauty. Wood has a warmth and character that we can immediately sense. And there’s no better place for that natural allure than the cottage. It also has a timeless appearance that’s easy to customize with the right finish, and it’s sustainable when sourced from well-managed forests.

But while the main benefits of wood siding are obvious, the new generation of options, like those from Fraser Wood Siding, have even more to offer anyone looking to increase their curb (or shoreline) appeal. Here are the top reasons to embrace modern wood siding for your next project.


With proper installation and minimal maintenance, wood siding can stand up to wind, water, and the worst of Canadian climates for decades to come. It’s also durable against the ravages of rot, decay, and insect damage, which can be a huge factor at the cottage. But it all comes down to how it’s treated. That’s why Fraser has partnered with a global leader in coatings, Sherwin Williams, to coat all of its sidings, trims, and accessories. Fraser also has industry-leading warranties of up to 20 years for paint peeling, cracking, or blistering and up to 50 years for wood decay.


No two cottages are alike, and if you’re building a cottage that will be handed down through generations, creating a look that’s both classic and unique to your tastes is key. Modern wood siding comes in a range of styles, from traditional clapboard to modern shiplap, giving you plenty of aesthetic flexibility. Fraser boasts the widest selection of siding, trims, and accessories in the category to help you realize your dream cottage design, and the company’s “Evolution Series” uses Fraser-Lok technology, a hidden-fastener system that brings extra refinement to these profile options by locking each board in on all four sides and making face nails nearly invisible.  Fraser’s “Classic Series” offers designs that have withstood the test of time, and its charm and elegance will appeal to any design palette. 

Adding to its versatility is the option to finish your siding and trims in three different textures: Fraser HD, Rough, and Smooth. Each texture option allows you to appreciate the look and feel of wood and its unique beauty.


A traditional A-frame cottage against a shoreline has little in common design-wise with a contemporary urban dwelling. But no matter your vision, wood siding can be finished in a way that suits your style. Available in the widest selection of different profiles and finish options ranging from durable solid colours to semi-transparent stains that put the wood’s beauty on display, wood siding has endless adaptability. And by partnering with Sherwin-Williams, Fraser Wood Siding offers an unlimited colour palette to ensure your cottage stands out—or blends in perfectly.

Indoor continuity

Drywall may be convenient, but for that classic or newly in-style cottage look, you can’t beat wood for interior walls. Today’s trends prove that people want to seamlessly blend their outdoor designs with the interior of their homes and cottages. Colours and textures now allow for continuity with your surroundings and your interior walls, giving you the ideal cottage interior vibe.

Discover the full array of wood-siding options for your cottage or home at Fraser Wood Siding.

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