Do you eat when you start feeling really hungry? This is a big mistake. To combat unwanted kilograms, you need to eat at the right time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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The regularity of meals and weight loss

Healthy weight loss is primarily a correct approach, considering balanced nutrition, regular physical activity, and a healthy lifestyle. The main focus is on gradually reducing weight safely for the body.

During weight loss, it is important to consider the number of calories consumed and the timing of meals. Eating at the right time allows you to control your appetite, thereby increasing the effectiveness of weight loss.

Eating at regular intervals helps avoid sudden hunger attacks, which often lead to unhealthy snacking or consuming excessively large portions of food during main meals. It also supports maintaining an appropriate metabolic rate.

The timing of our meals should correspond to our body's circadian rhythm (i.e., the time of activity and rest in the form of sleep). The consequences of eating at the wrong time may include spikes in blood sugar levels. There is no specific ideal meal schedule that fits everyone, but it is important to adhere to specific time frames.

When to eat to lose weight

Breakfast, the day's first meal, should be consumed within an hour or two after waking up. Lunch is best before 3:00 PM.

The second breakfast or lunch should be eaten approximately 2-4 hours after breakfast or lunch. However, eat them only when you truly feel hungry, and the portion should be small to leave "room" for the main meal.

The optimal time for dinner is 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM, but if you go to bed later, dinner can be postponed. Since digestion usually takes about three hours, the last meal should be consumed around this time before sleep.

The timing of meals depends on many factors, including work or study hours, daily rhythm, physical activity, and individual habits. However, remember that breaks between meals should not be shorter than 3 hours or longer than 5 hours.

It is also worth noting that besides regularity, it is equally important to choose healthy, balanced nutrition rich in nutrients and avoid processed foods with high sugar and fat content.

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